Sunday, July 31, 2005

Malaysia Boleh

Nicol downs world champion Atkinson to lift first Malaysian Open squash title

Through sheer grit, this young lass has made impressive and consistent progress in the last 5 years. Not an athlete who merely relies on hand-outs and crutches, not one who promises but never delivers….truly a mark of a Malaysian-grown champion…well-done Nicol!


I could not sleep well yesterday.....I spent a good part of the night tossing and turning in bed thinking about death...and even when I had dozed off, my intermittent dreams revolved around tragedy.

Yesterday evening at about 5:45PM - 6:00PM, a 10-year old girl drowned in the adult's section of the swimming pool in the condominium I live in.

Having to attend a dinner function, I was not around at the time of the tragedy. But an obliging neighbour whom I bumped into in the lift when I was on my way home soon filled me in on the sad event.

Yes...there was no life guard present, as per the norm in many private pools nowadays but contrary to popular belief of drowning tragedies:
  1. The victim was closely supervised by her dad
  2. There were many able swimmers and people around (apparently there was a pool-side party going on at that point in time) who rendered as much assistance as they could to try save the girl
From hearsay, I was informed that the girl had been sucked underwater for 15 minutes by a strong pump in the pool and could not be freed despite desperate rescue attempts by 4 big men. When she was finally extracted from the pool, all CPR attempts were futile.

The death troubles me, even though I have no idea which unfortunate neighbour's daughter this is at the moment...chances are I have not even met the girl before.

The many who were on hand trying to save her life and those who had witnessed the event must feel even more haunted so by the tragedy.

But can you feel the helplessness shrouding the father of the child - while trying to save her, he has to watch her thrash and fight for her life, only to go limp in his arms when she has no choice but to succumb to the claws of Death claiming her soul. Having to battle with his sorrow, he also has to cope with the difficult task of breaking the news to his is all very heart breaking and sad.

My deepest condolences to the family.

Perhaps it is true, as quoted by a dear friend of mine who had recorded her final words on tape to be played to us pals who were not in Penang when she departed us about 10 years ago:

"Look at it this way, I feel privileged that God has made bigger plans for me. He has selected me to be your guardian angel to watch you from above."

Volunteer or be volunteered

A volunteer is defined as a person who performs or offers to perform a service at his/her own free will.

Unfortunately in Malaysia, this noun is sadly misunderstood oft times - even by goons who have a strong command of english and of sufficient intellect to know better.

Like me, am sure you have also encountered many a time when a volunteer-seeking session turns into a volunteer-election session....*duh* ...there is a proper english term coined for the latter...its called nomination!

In an effort to divert attention from oneself, you find idiots shouting other people's names....mind you, without even seeking the opinion of the respective "honoured" few who are caught offguard to be suddenly enthusiastically volunteered on-behalf.

Dear idiots, honestly, if you do not wish to volunteer...the least you could do is to mind your own business and just hold your tongue. Why need to be so kaypo?!?! Has it ever crossed your mind that the reasons for others not volunteering could be similarly as valid as your own? A little respect would much be appreciated!

And if you're one warped egoist who engages in the name-volunteering exercise in hope of reciprocation (its more glamourous to be desired by the masses than to just offer yourself on a silver platter)...well, let me tell you that your intentions to serve are sincere not!

New dilemma in the Malaysian banking industry

Heard from a mate this evening:

With effect August 2005, no more ATM cards would be issued by all banks in Malaysia.

Reason: No more pin numbers can be issued as Ayah Pin is nowhere to be found!

Friday, July 29, 2005


Its the weekend, its the weekend, its the weekend!!!!

Pro: Its the weekend!!!!!

Con: Dragon lady boss will be back from 1 month leave on Monday. Must brace for all hell breaking loose....soon. *sigh*

But hey, its still the weekend, its the weekend, its the weekend!!!!

Note: I can have very selective memory when I choose to! ahhahaha

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Ah Bengs

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Disappointment is one of those biggie really, reviewer was ok with my job, but I wasn't!!!! Some of the issues highlighted...sigh..I should have known better. Reviewer said it was alright and that it would come with experience (seeing that its my first such attempt at said job)....but even so....*kick myself in the arse*....I failed to fulfil my own expectations. Damn....

Tomorrow can only be a better day!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Gloating rights

Was bummed last week as its been widely advertised on every single channel on astro that there's an exciting CSI finale scheduled this wednesday....and I'd given my word to attend a meeting that very evening too!!! argh....matters were made worst by some individual gloating about how much I was gonna miss the climax of the season..............till this evening, when said individual yahoo-ed me to let me know that *shucks* he was now scheduled to leave for Beijing this wednesday afternoon.....

aw...poor thing....ahhahahah...gloating rights retracted!

*I am so so so evil*


Sunday, July 24, 2005


Was having dinner with two friends recently...and one of them lamented: "Munsta, help me find a guy!"

so let's see, my friend's a christian of indian-chinese parentage. Physically she looks indian but otherwise, she's just totally chinese!! She reckons that her difficulty is that she does not really fit into either community...and hence has trouble meeting the right people who would be attracted to and accept her as she is

interestingly enuff, she reminds me of a good mate of mine who's a doctor in england...he's punjabi but always, just always falls for chinese girls...problem being that his family disapproves anyone other than a decent punjabi girl.

well....he is not alone....another chinese mate of mine has a family who went to the extreme of threatening to disown him if he didn't marry a chinese girl who must specifically be from penang!!

yet another friend of mine whose family opinion on her date mattered nuts, but her pastor's opinion did. it is, it isn't easy finding a soul mate who is willing to share life's ups and downs with....why then has the process got to be further hampered by others' opinions on the "incompatablity" of race/ religion/ status/ etc.

not that this cannot be overcome as i know of many couples staying strong together despite the odds and disheartening remarks flung at them from people who "care"

why should we give a toss as to what others think? however, guess that this is easier said than done and many people just settle on the easy route out by complying to society norms, inspite of what their hearts tell them.

Life is and relationships, even more so.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Blogging is addictive

Recent conversation with hubby during the week:


Hubby: You had better update your the rate you're going, you'll end up with one blog per month only!!

Me: busy mar...and am tired when i get home

Hubby: Hahhahahaha...knew're going to tire of the blog soon....but you're gonna disappoint people who stumble upon your blog....they're gonna give up hope on u lah

Me: Er....I don't have a fan club to disappoint....i think besides me and rants are still pretty private on the one will bother with an uninteresting individual like moi!!

Hubby: Tell your friends about your blog lar and promote visits lar...e.g. one blog hit = one glass of teh tarik

Me: not desperate for hits doing this for my own kicks...moreover, i like the annonymity

Hubby: Prefer being annonymous....why not just get a private diary and put it under lock and key?

*For a split second, am stumped for an answer*

Me: Coz am an exhibitionist who does not want to get caught

Hubby: So what does that make your readers??

Me: Voyeurs!!!!


Despite my husband's lack of confidence in me, I've kicked started my weekend by tinkering with my blogs (I have two now!! ...check out my maiden entry in my movie diary ) from 2 a.m. till now!! okie..i take a little more time coz am an IT idiot...but you can't fault me for not trying!! ahahhaha...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

A mountain out of a molehill

Following our recent promotions, my fellow colleague and I had decided to treat the staff we worked with as a gesture of appreciation of the support we'd received throughout the course of our job. Nothing fancy....most staff had requested for pizza and Kentucky Fried Chicken...with the office being located in the same vicinity as Mid-Valley, the request was no issue at all.

I'd sent out the invite, requesting for RSVPs so that we could guage how many people we'd eventually had to order for. Was pissed to receive the following response:

From: RM
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 1:02 PM
To: munsta

Subject: Queries on lunch treat

May I know why we should confirm attendance. Never heard of this before - invite for lunch treat but hv to confirm attendance. Is this sincere treat from you guys or not?

What if we confirm the attendance but unable to turn up on that day due to unforeseen circumstances?

My suggestion : if you were to cater from outside, both floors of GFN is 40 staff, just order for 35-40 pax, not many of us eat that alot (thru my exprience ordering for dept event) and most of the staff is muslim, so you've got to understand the importance of ensuring the food is HALAL ya?

That's all, thanks.

Director, Group Finance

Oh Miss High and Mighty!!! I was offended because:
  • Implication that the invite was not sincere
  • That even though we were from management level, she seemed to be of the opinion that my colleague and I were not capable of organising a simple event
  • Implication that we were insensitive to other people's dietary requirements
  • I don't like being talked down to...and if I were in a mean mood, I'd retort "Seriously...who do you think you are? Do remember that you are merely the secretary to the Group Finance director, and not the Group Finance director himself!!!" (Note: this does not mean that I think it is OK for people of high rank to be condescending as fact, such behaviour merely reflects your individual class, regardless of whatever awesome, important position you hold in society)

Anyways, apart from being downright rude, she was displaying skills which would put any decent secretary to shame - i.e. lack of language skills and diplomacy, as well as ignorance of basic social etiquette (yeah tell me that she has never had to RSVP on behalf of the Group Finance Director?) puhleez....

Incensed by the e-mail, I was tempted to respond on the spot, but common sense got the better of me and I decided to take a breather from the office...popped out for lunch to clear my head a little. When I got back to my desk, decided that I would not sink to her level and briskly typed the following reply:

From: munsta
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 1:55 PM
To: RM

Subject: RE: Queries on lunch treat

noted...of course all are worries, food will be halal :) thinks am being too nice...but really, this incident is far too petty. Having whinged enuff now....

Not let minor irritants bother me I shall...remain calm and wise I will...a happier life I will live!

Myth: Sticking up for the person on the road

Sigh, I share ^meow^'s sentiments here about APs...enuff is enuff.....this is politicking at its best, a golden opportunity for the small ikan bilis to kick the Iron Lady right in the stomach when she is most vulnerable (oh how is this possible when ikan bilis are known to have no feet...hhmmmm)...and they are no where near stopping, are they?

Well...if the ikan bilis are really sincere on their condemnation of "foul play"....perhaps they should be a little more intelligent and not pass comments resulting in the following extract from
The Star: Youth Poke Fun at Rafidah (21 July 2005)

" Several speakers said the distribution of APs could have been spread to more people, citing people in Umno Youth as being among the capable and deserving ones." the issue about voicing the common person's concern re the lack of transparency in the distribution of APs (is there one?)....or is it a mere complaint of "How come I was not included in this party?? Damn...."

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Greetings from Zurk

Meaning to post this sometime last week...but guess procrastination is truly the thief of time...ahahhahaah....anyways check out the cool blog below:

Zurkian's take on earth

Gist of it summarises the issue about a "deviant cult" which essentially is a rojak of different religions. Is this bad?

Well, yes if it goes to extremes to promote terrorism, total starvation, denial of medical care and other harmful yet baseless practices among its followers...but then again, there are sufficient examples in history which demonstrate that so-called "followers" of pure religions are as guilty of these acts. So lets not take the easy way out and make a sweeping generalisation that anything which is not the norm is bad and dangerous.

At this point, Ayah Pin's "cult" seems to be pretty fact, if the leaders of the country are sincere in promoting the integration of races - wouldn't inter-racial marriages and in substance, assimiliation of cultures be a natural course of progression in the country? If that were the case, why raise eyebrows on the integration of religions? Shouldn't this be expected as well?

Note that the "cult" does not lay claim that it is a new/ "correct" branch of an existing religion....that I agree would be misleading. In actuality however, I believe it only establishes a new religion altogether, in which case, wouldn't the recent condemnation of the "cult" and the senseless mobbings at the "cult's" premises ala-Ku-Klux-Klan be deemed religion intolerence. And yet, there are callings to detain the leader of the "cult" under the Internal Security Act....duh!!!! is someone missing the point here, coz he seems to be so clearly a victim.

You have the right not to agree to a religion's practices....but come-on, lets not impose our views on other people's preferences and choice to adopt a faith of their choosing. Its called respect for basic human rights.

We need to stop practices which harm society (be it religious/ customary/ social etc.) but if there is little/no negativity to harp on, shouldn't we move on rather than nit pick??

Just when there are claims that the people of the country has matured...hahahaha...with this fiasco here 49 years after independence, do you reckon so? Perhaps we need to consult the Zurkians.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Gender war

Used to curse myself for being born the fairer sex....let's see, there were various disadvantages and inconveniences including:

1. Dresses

Mum's insistence of filling my wardrobe with dresses!!!! and dresses shorts/ jeans!!! can you believe what living hell that was???

When you're tiny and fidgety with sweat glands working overdrive, delicate frilly frocks with stupid elastic bands at the worst of places are the most cruel things you can cloth a child in...particularly at that period when air-conditioning was limited to the only shopping mall on penang island!

Remember when once some well-meaning relative forced me into this ugly navy blue and white spaghetti strap thingy and I just burst into tears...and instead of being able to take it off...was sushed by mum to stop sobbing as the "thing" cost a bomb and that i should meekly thank said relative!! the only good thing from that episode was that no other relatives felt they should squander good money only to receive such an outburst from an inconsiderate ungrateful brat....tee well both ways, so no complaints! :)

2. Dolls and masak-masak items

I hated barbie dolls...but had at least 4 of them (one thing i do not lack of are well-meaning relatives)!! why should i have dolls with long hair when i myself had my locks cropped really short? and they were boring to say the least. it was good that i had a brother who was equipped with more interesting toys - i.e. an assortment of marbles, an army of soldiers and a tribe of red indian mini figurines and, many sets of lego!!!! at least that was a little more mind stimulating and tonnes more fun than idiot dolls...and oh of course....those classic matchbox cars.....they were and still are damn cool.

3. Never ever could go out on my own

Yup...even back then, before heinous deeds were ever so common in the daily tabloids, my parents were cautious. I was always only allowed to play in the house...whereas bro could conveniently pop out with friends/ cycle around etc. and the reason given was because I was a girl!!!! oh puhleez

4. Girly pursuits

Adults naturally expected me to be enthusiastic and excel at girly pusuits such as sewing...sigh...Let's not even go there. I can mend buttons but that's about it. Obviously Kemahiran Hidup was of little success....everytime I used the sewing machine (the old manual ones, mind you) ...i had to make sure that the first aid box was within easy reach. Even easy cross stitch proved to be a huge challenge...hey no one said that there was such a thing as pulling your stitches "too hard"!

Yes....petty as the above sounds....I hated being a girl and was envious at the many things boys were able to do. And looking back, m thankful that the gender stereotype in my family were limited to only the petty things above. There wasn't any nonsense of favouring my bro over me, nor over what my ambitions were.

It wasn't till I hit my late teens that I slowly noticed that being a girl had benefits too...hehehehehehe.....nope...cannot deny that attention (positive ones) can be nice, but hey....after many years of grief...its payback time!

I guess, kids nowadays aren't as stereotyped by gender as they used to be. At the very least, believe that there are very few families nowadays imposing a "dresses-only-policy" for their little girls. With regards to freedom....i guess parents nowadays are as cautious of the safety of their little boys as of their little girls.

After all, why should life ever be dictated by gender?

Back from a looooooooooooooooong hiatus

Its been absolutely donkey years since I've written in my blog. Since my last entry, I've:
  • registered my marriage, taken my wedding photos and finalised my wedding plans
  • changed jobs and even gotten a promotion
  • finished renovation and moved into my new place
  • met up with SK (my northern brit housemate) who'd dropped by in KL
  • bros' been to the US for work not once, but twice!! for a period of 3 weeks and more each time!!! that's lots! :)

reasons for resuming blog:
  • have settled down at work and at home
  • hubby has just set up our own streamyx broadband access in our new longer need to share bills (which perpetually remain unpaid) with other idiots - convenient!
  • recently stumbled upon some cool stuff on kenny sia's and xiaxue's blogs - highly entertaining, personal, sometimes touching...but always frank....and i so agree with their take on blogging - i.e. the documentation of our personal thoughts on a matter at some point in time...may provide cheap affordable entertainment in my twilight years when i have little else to do except surf!! ahahahha...imagine an IT- savvy granny!! cool!!!!!! kekekekekek...well those little reads kicked started something in me to revisit my long abandoned blog...and here goes

a little sleepy after a hectic weekend back in hubby's hometown in Kuching - but just a little blog tonite to get things back tomorrow!