Sunday, July 24, 2005


Was having dinner with two friends recently...and one of them lamented: "Munsta, help me find a guy!"

so let's see, my friend's a christian of indian-chinese parentage. Physically she looks indian but otherwise, she's just totally chinese!! She reckons that her difficulty is that she does not really fit into either community...and hence has trouble meeting the right people who would be attracted to and accept her as she is

interestingly enuff, she reminds me of a good mate of mine who's a doctor in england...he's punjabi but always, just always falls for chinese girls...problem being that his family disapproves anyone other than a decent punjabi girl.

well....he is not alone....another chinese mate of mine has a family who went to the extreme of threatening to disown him if he didn't marry a chinese girl who must specifically be from penang!!

yet another friend of mine whose family opinion on her date mattered nuts, but her pastor's opinion did. it is, it isn't easy finding a soul mate who is willing to share life's ups and downs with....why then has the process got to be further hampered by others' opinions on the "incompatablity" of race/ religion/ status/ etc.

not that this cannot be overcome as i know of many couples staying strong together despite the odds and disheartening remarks flung at them from people who "care"

why should we give a toss as to what others think? however, guess that this is easier said than done and many people just settle on the easy route out by complying to society norms, inspite of what their hearts tell them.

Life is and relationships, even more so.


At 12:12 pm, Blogger Juan said...

Since you're in the match-making business, where do I send my portfolio to? ;)

At 5:24 pm, Blogger munsta said...

ahhaah...let me reiterate statement from blog:



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