Monday, July 11, 2005

Back from a looooooooooooooooong hiatus

Its been absolutely donkey years since I've written in my blog. Since my last entry, I've:
  • registered my marriage, taken my wedding photos and finalised my wedding plans
  • changed jobs and even gotten a promotion
  • finished renovation and moved into my new place
  • met up with SK (my northern brit housemate) who'd dropped by in KL
  • bros' been to the US for work not once, but twice!! for a period of 3 weeks and more each time!!! that's lots! :)

reasons for resuming blog:
  • have settled down at work and at home
  • hubby has just set up our own streamyx broadband access in our new longer need to share bills (which perpetually remain unpaid) with other idiots - convenient!
  • recently stumbled upon some cool stuff on kenny sia's and xiaxue's blogs - highly entertaining, personal, sometimes touching...but always frank....and i so agree with their take on blogging - i.e. the documentation of our personal thoughts on a matter at some point in time...may provide cheap affordable entertainment in my twilight years when i have little else to do except surf!! ahahahha...imagine an IT- savvy granny!! cool!!!!!! kekekekekek...well those little reads kicked started something in me to revisit my long abandoned blog...and here goes

a little sleepy after a hectic weekend back in hubby's hometown in Kuching - but just a little blog tonite to get things back tomorrow!


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