Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Greetings from Zurk

Meaning to post this sometime last week...but guess procrastination is truly the thief of time...ahahhahaah....anyways check out the cool blog below:

Zurkian's take on earth

Gist of it summarises the issue about a "deviant cult" which essentially is a rojak of different religions. Is this bad?

Well, yes if it goes to extremes to promote terrorism, total starvation, denial of medical care and other harmful yet baseless practices among its followers...but then again, there are sufficient examples in history which demonstrate that so-called "followers" of pure religions are as guilty of these acts. So lets not take the easy way out and make a sweeping generalisation that anything which is not the norm is bad and dangerous.

At this point, Ayah Pin's "cult" seems to be pretty fact, if the leaders of the country are sincere in promoting the integration of races - wouldn't inter-racial marriages and in substance, assimiliation of cultures be a natural course of progression in the country? If that were the case, why raise eyebrows on the integration of religions? Shouldn't this be expected as well?

Note that the "cult" does not lay claim that it is a new/ "correct" branch of an existing religion....that I agree would be misleading. In actuality however, I believe it only establishes a new religion altogether, in which case, wouldn't the recent condemnation of the "cult" and the senseless mobbings at the "cult's" premises ala-Ku-Klux-Klan be deemed religion intolerence. And yet, there are callings to detain the leader of the "cult" under the Internal Security Act....duh!!!! is someone missing the point here, coz he seems to be so clearly a victim.

You have the right not to agree to a religion's practices....but come-on, lets not impose our views on other people's preferences and choice to adopt a faith of their choosing. Its called respect for basic human rights.

We need to stop practices which harm society (be it religious/ customary/ social etc.) but if there is little/no negativity to harp on, shouldn't we move on rather than nit pick??

Just when there are claims that the people of the country has matured...hahahaha...with this fiasco here 49 years after independence, do you reckon so? Perhaps we need to consult the Zurkians.


At 4:17 pm, Blogger <^meow^> said...

Hmm....point taken. As far as i'm concerned, I don't give a damn if someone worship the ashtray. Each to his/her own. Just leave me alone.

Wonder what happened to the mob. They should all be chuck into jail under ISA. GILA-KAH?!?!

At 5:51 pm, Blogger munsta said...

Well apparently it is commonly acknowledged that the mob is "right".

Following is extracted from the article "Swift action against cult sought" (The Sunday Star, 24 July 2005):

"Ayah Pin should be stopped, for if left to his own devices, might threaten national security....while it was said that Ayah Pin was not a threat to the country now, the mob that attacked and burned his commune could be a foretaste of worse things to come....If no action is taken, Ayah Pin will return and be active again, and (next time) there might even be a blood-bath"

Isn't this similar mentality to putting a really drop dead pretty girl away in jail, just so that we don't risk any lusting/ molesting/ rapes taking place?



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