Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fishy tale

Bro: Dropping off some soup at your place
Me: OK, you've got the keys, let yourself in. Btw, check out my new pets!

***Dang, lousy photo-taking skills....n'mind, here are some better defined pics from the net***

Bro: Why did u buy such cheapo fish. Getlah a Nemo!

Me: Nemo!?!? U think I'm bloody rich?
Bro: Aiya...only RM40 per fish mar!!!
Me: Yeah...then there are the corals, salt water, posh acquarium, alkaline tester etc....
Bro: Huh...salt water?? Oh yeah hoh....


Me: Plus am sure their mortality rate is higher, given the level of care i provide - so it helps that my cost per casualty is now capped at RM1.20. Every time a Nemo dies, its as good as ordering a nice steamed fish for dinner!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


"You're ok....I vomit less blood reviewing
your work than that of others"

It's nowhere close to the normal sugary-sweet, pleasing-to-the-ear compliments one is accustomed to, but nevertheless, noted that this must have taken effort.

More importantly, it came across as genuine.

Thank you!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Once upon a time

Individual A & Individual B are scholarship holders - same sponsor, same university qualifications, same academic brilliance, same winning soft skills, same race, same religion - only difference is that Individual A is from a richer family than Individual B

Having completed their studies, both individuals were offered cushy jobs with a prestigious international consultancy firm. The world was their oyster...except that there was this teeny weeny problem called a scholarship bond, which dictated that they were to return to M'sia to serve the sponsor company for the next x number of years, else cough up $XXX,000.

As money was no worry, Individual A broke the bond and took up the offer.

Individual B, on the other hand, kept to the agreement and returned dutifully to commence employment with the sponsor company.

In the next 2 years, both individuals A and B toiled and worked hard - one in a largely academic report-writing consultancy environment, the other in a hands-on commercial environment.

One fine day, sponsor company decides to lure individual A back by offering entry at a higher designation (two ranks above Individual B) and higher pay (twice that earned by the average joe assuming the designation) - nevermind that job requirements veered towards experience in handling operational matters rather than on fantabulous, mind-blowing, orgasmic report-writing skills.

Yeah if there were such a fairy tale come true. Who in the right mind would offer so much premium for an employee who:
- is pretty much still a green horn in a commercial environment
- has proven little loyalty in the past
- has had no proven track records of performance with the company to date

Well...let me assure you, THERE ARE STILL SUCH DIMWITS AROUND.

However, I would strongly advise to steer clear of entities with such idiotic demotivating HR practices - like a teacher of mine used to fondly say with her eyes rolled upwards, "No Future"!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Missed milestones

In the past 2-month hiatus, I've missed:

celebrating 1-year of blogging (nevermind that there were huge time lapses in between months)

thanking my 1,000th visitor (nevermind that I probably contributed about 95% of those previous hits myself)

pimping my 100th blog entry.......

....hey wait a minute, i haven't quite gotten there yet! :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006


OMG....Has Jan 2006 come and gone?

Let's see, my life has revolved around working, sleeping, relatives, working, sleeping, working, sleeping, relatives, working, get the idea.

Its not been great for hubby either....his Jan is summarised as:
Week 1 - Beijing
Week 2 - KL (but I was sick the entire duration he was back, and not minor-sick sick - but the 6-day-flat-out-in-bed-kind-of sick! yeah, life sucks sometimes)
Week 3 - Africa
Week 4 - managed to fly back to his hometown just in time for Chinese New Year

December- January is a BAD BAD BAD time for accountants.....reminder to self: for family planning, best to get pregnant beginning April....just in time for 2-month maternity leave at year end...heheheheh

my concept of time is pretty warped....on one hand (as mentioned above), i feel that the days have sped by like a red chilli hot Ferrari (i.e. too many deadlines, too little time) and yet on the other, I feel that time is crawling at a snail's pace (i.e. surely its been more than 2 weeks when I flew back to Kuching for CNY...It feels like ages and ages and ages ago....seriously it does! ) !!

Yeah...confused chick I am...but don't you feel the same sometimes?