Saturday, July 23, 2005

Blogging is addictive

Recent conversation with hubby during the week:


Hubby: You had better update your the rate you're going, you'll end up with one blog per month only!!

Me: busy mar...and am tired when i get home

Hubby: Hahhahahaha...knew're going to tire of the blog soon....but you're gonna disappoint people who stumble upon your blog....they're gonna give up hope on u lah

Me: Er....I don't have a fan club to disappoint....i think besides me and rants are still pretty private on the one will bother with an uninteresting individual like moi!!

Hubby: Tell your friends about your blog lar and promote visits lar...e.g. one blog hit = one glass of teh tarik

Me: not desperate for hits doing this for my own kicks...moreover, i like the annonymity

Hubby: Prefer being annonymous....why not just get a private diary and put it under lock and key?

*For a split second, am stumped for an answer*

Me: Coz am an exhibitionist who does not want to get caught

Hubby: So what does that make your readers??

Me: Voyeurs!!!!


Despite my husband's lack of confidence in me, I've kicked started my weekend by tinkering with my blogs (I have two now!! ...check out my maiden entry in my movie diary ) from 2 a.m. till now!! okie..i take a little more time coz am an IT idiot...but you can't fault me for not trying!! ahahhaha...


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