Thursday, July 21, 2005

Myth: Sticking up for the person on the road

Sigh, I share ^meow^'s sentiments here about APs...enuff is enuff.....this is politicking at its best, a golden opportunity for the small ikan bilis to kick the Iron Lady right in the stomach when she is most vulnerable (oh how is this possible when ikan bilis are known to have no feet...hhmmmm)...and they are no where near stopping, are they?

Well...if the ikan bilis are really sincere on their condemnation of "foul play"....perhaps they should be a little more intelligent and not pass comments resulting in the following extract from
The Star: Youth Poke Fun at Rafidah (21 July 2005)

" Several speakers said the distribution of APs could have been spread to more people, citing people in Umno Youth as being among the capable and deserving ones." the issue about voicing the common person's concern re the lack of transparency in the distribution of APs (is there one?)....or is it a mere complaint of "How come I was not included in this party?? Damn...."


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