Sunday, July 31, 2005

Volunteer or be volunteered

A volunteer is defined as a person who performs or offers to perform a service at his/her own free will.

Unfortunately in Malaysia, this noun is sadly misunderstood oft times - even by goons who have a strong command of english and of sufficient intellect to know better.

Like me, am sure you have also encountered many a time when a volunteer-seeking session turns into a volunteer-election session....*duh* ...there is a proper english term coined for the latter...its called nomination!

In an effort to divert attention from oneself, you find idiots shouting other people's names....mind you, without even seeking the opinion of the respective "honoured" few who are caught offguard to be suddenly enthusiastically volunteered on-behalf.

Dear idiots, honestly, if you do not wish to volunteer...the least you could do is to mind your own business and just hold your tongue. Why need to be so kaypo?!?! Has it ever crossed your mind that the reasons for others not volunteering could be similarly as valid as your own? A little respect would much be appreciated!

And if you're one warped egoist who engages in the name-volunteering exercise in hope of reciprocation (its more glamourous to be desired by the masses than to just offer yourself on a silver platter)...well, let me tell you that your intentions to serve are sincere not!


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