Sunday, January 30, 2005

A red letter day?

Received a letter....yippy yay....with the advent of e-mail and the Net, really do not receive lovely snail mail much anymore. The only time I now check the post box is to retrieve monthly bills and to clear annoying promotional the surprise at unnestling the red-enveloped "treasure" in the midst of the junk....hahahaha....simply wonderful!

Despite the convenience offered by the Net, it is a tremendous delight in receiving old fashioned mail coz' :

1. Its the anticipation - who is the letter from?? can i identify the writing? what's inside the envelope?

2. Its tangible - nothing beats physically holding and reading a letter, painstakingly scribbled by the sender ...the rustle of paper in your hands

3. Its originality - unlike e-mail, you're pretty much assured that it was not "cut and paste", ok I suppose it is still possibly copied, but at least handwriting is original...hahahhah

Back to the letter.....a few mysterious points:

1. It was addressed to me, but preceded with my mum's surname, rather than mine;

2. Couldn't identify the handwriting to save my life; and

3. On the flipside of the envelope was the sender's name and return address (obviously this did not ring a bell, which accounts why i termed it mysterious)

Disregarding the threat of anthrax in unknown letters, my curiousity was piqued and that pushed me to rip the envelope apart even before I had set foot into my house....hmmmm...who was this mysterious person...a long lost friend whom for some reason i had totally no recollection of?

Quickly scanning through the letter revealed an even more puzzling was NOT a social letter...and although I am a Buddhist, I could identify quoted scriptures from the Christian friends all knew my stand on religion:

I believe that everyone is free to choose their own faith/religion, so long as no harm is done to others. By respecting the decision of others, I also expect that respect to be returned. Nothing turns me off more than individuals who keep imposing on others why their faith/religion is superior to theirs...and of course there are some crazies who even go to the extent to condemn inter-faith marriages, and sometimes even friendships! What the.... Oh yes, these crazies come from all walks of lives, and may I emphasise, are not confined to any one particular religion.

My irritation was fast escalating....and at this point, decided not to spoil my day by finishing the letter. Just casually flipped to the last line....which just said: "Lots of love from your loving aunt"

Ooops!!!....she was my mum's cousin whom i've always called "ah yee" no wonder i didn't recognise her christian name. Sigh...yes i knew she was a staunch guess that without much to do after retirement, she has decided to spend her time writing letters to spread the love of Jesus around her relatives who weren't of the same religion, yet!

It was annoyance evaporated, and (unfortunately) turned to amusement instead (Note: am not being sarcastic/ poking fun). Knowing that my aunt only meant well placed me in a predicament - should I even reply her letter? if yes, how do i tell her to "back-off" diplomatically without hurting her feelings?

Hmmm....never mind, will procrastinate till I return to Penang for Chinese New Year...then will cross the bridge when I get to it!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Rollercoaster of emotions

Woke up at 6a.m. this morning - a feat I don't even achieve on workdays...hahah...just so because I was gonna see my new apartment for the very first time!!!!! After many moons of admiration at the perimeter of the resort-style apartment blocks and hefty monthly instalment payments (which will continue for many more years to come!)....finally....the fruit is almost in reach.

The appointment with the developer to inspect my apartment was set at 10a.m. but really, I couldn't sleep a wink after 6. Far too busy visualising what I would do with my new own space....all mine to furnish and clutter how I like! *very nice*

The morning was just perfect - blue skies, bright and sunny...just the way I love it.

Time out

Message to self: To stop tinkering with blog else will wake up tomorrow (more like later this morning) feeling like kitty above

Friday, January 28, 2005

Am back!

Oh gosh, it feels good to be back on-line. Nope, I didn't head somewhere remote for a lovely holiday away from all worldly concerns (sigh...i wish) - just that the lot of us sharing this broadband connection discovered that the nincompoop entrusted to pay the monthly rental of the internet had failed to do so for the last 5 months!!!!! Erhm...apparently she was busy!

Er busy?? You're a college student!! How damn busy can you be??? Plus she was on semester break and was still hanging around the house for the last few months! And may I add that the Kedai Telekom and post office is about a 3 minute walk away only!!?!!?! Duh!!!! Even if, in the unlikely event that she was really really tied down studying (or resitting failed papers) ....*dies* why bother? much effort could it be to let us know? Reckon we would prefer to walk the extra mile to pay the bill than be left high and dry without *gasp* internet access in the house!!!

Perhaps its because this nincompoop lives in a whole different time zone of her own. Actually, wonder if she still is still enrolled in college? hmmm is it even remotely possible for one to be expelled in a private college?

Probably spends most of her time dying her hair - every rare occasion i see her, it's streaked a different colour - the tragic thing being that it isn't even much for making tasteful hairdressing her living! hmmm considering evicting her. she is such a nightmare tenant....but i think her mum would rather pay me a premium rent than take her in again!!! i mean...seriously, bearing in mind that she is a kl-ite, I see my parents back in Penang more often than she sees hers across town!

Anyways...enuff time wasted on bitching about the nincompoop. Just so glad to be back!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Wedding - the most important day in one's life?

Just got back from sumptous dinner and coffee with PC at KLCC and among the girly talk which cropped up was inevitably the update on my wedding preparations (or rather, the lack of)

Haahhahahah...yes, *gasp* shock shock horror not one gal who is particularly fussed on weddings, particularly my own! then...there is the perennial question: how can one be so laid back wrt to the most important day in one's life?

Hmmmm....true i have many friends who have been meticulously planning their wedding since they were nine...and yet, have still not met "THE IDEAL ONE" to share the day with. however, i never could identify with the excitement and fuss on dressing up, decision on the kind of bridal gown i'd like to flaunt myself in, number of bridesmaids i'd like, what type of reception to throw...etc.etc. - all this just totals up to a lump sum of cash splurged for that one-off (well...we're talking about a best case scenario here) occasion!

In fact, if i could have things my own way, i'd get married in a pair of comfy jeans and throw an informal bbq in the evening. my views are unconventional - and as dad bluntly put it a fortnight ago..."abnormal"

Needless to say, HTB has no complaints re my minimal approach. Probably murmurs to himself that i am thankfully a relatively low maintenance chick.

As usual, i digress. Let's refocus:
Is your wedding day the most important day in your life?

I definitely do not think so!!!!!!!!! By gosh I understand the significance of a wedding in society - it symbolises the official union between two individuals who pledge to care and love one another through thick and thin - the founding stone for another branch of the family.

But really, who needs an official pledge? It is more important that I know and that he knows we care deeply for one another, that we are both prepared to share the rest of our lives with one another - our emotions and commitment towards one another need not be publicly announced for endorsement.

More important are the days after the wedding as we continue to cherish and love each other more dearly as the days go by - may the flame of love burn slowly and steadily, its eternal flickers casting light and happiness into our lives in the days to come.

More important will be the birth of our children :- the creation of life and the start of a beautiful journey whereby we are entrusted to guide little Mini-Me-DNA-Juniors to grow up to be good people

It is unfortunate that some people place so much importance on their wedding day and then forget to celebrate their love every single day thereafter.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Better luck with graphics this time round?

Haha...last desperate attempt....and viola!! Hehehhehe...yup..that li'l munsta above is just so me in a capsule...heheheh...evilly cute! hahaha...ok gotta really move my butt coz am so late.....late....late.....


Oh sooooo trying to attach this picture which epitomises my characteristics...but obviously have not been very successful....i mean this is supposed to be easy and idiot-proof rite?...hmmm...maybe i just don't understand english instructions very well.....argh......

n'mind, coz am rushing to see PC for dinner and a girly night out. am supposed to pick her up at 6:00pm and am hardly ready at all!!!!!!.... still need to hang up the laundry(argh....), and there are still undone chores around the room which, unfortunately resembles and *sniff sniff* smells like a pigsty (by my standards anyway). sigh....well well, am in a rush...pledge to do chores after work tomorrow (yeah rite! who am i kidding!)

Cheeky and cute - definitely me! Posted by Hello

The world of blogging - here I come!

Hello to the world of blogging. Have heard lots about this activity, but have never before felt a strong urge to try it out as I didn't much believe in "revealing myself to strangers at liberty"....but tonight, I feel the longing to communicate.

Seeing that I am home alone at the moment and am feeling a little lazy to get out of the house/ give someone a call, guess it would be a little more comforting for my husband-to-be (HTB) to stumble upon me blogging, than sitting in front of the mirror, rambling to myself. hehehhehe

Yes, it is Saturday night...a night which typically should be spent socialising and partying to the max. However, HTB is out attending a good pal's akad nikah (Malay wedding) ceremony. Was invited too, but seeing that my beloved maternal grandma had just passed away recently, am currently complying to the usual chinese superstition of not attending any weddings in the next 100 days after the death, lest I bring bad luck to the happy newly weds.

It was funny seeing HTB getting dressed out for the akad nikah ceremony tonight. He had bought a lovely silky sandy brown traditional baju melayu, but you could tell tis was his first time donning one coz:
1. he forgot he needed some looped-chained-whatcha-call-it buttons for his top ; and
2. kain samping

So an SOS was sent out to another friend attending the akad nikah too for emergency rental services! much for claiming to understand the culture of other Malaysians, we obviously weren't very in touch with the simple baju melayu set-up were we? ehehehehe...well, at least we try.

Today has generally been a great day. Caught up with an ex- school mate, BP over lunch at the gorgeous roast goose duck rice place in Pudu. Getting there was no hassle as HTB had volunteered generously to brave the traffic...leaving us gals plenty of time to chat and catch up in the car.

Hurrah...what a great way to kick start the new year, by renewing friendship ties. Can't say I am great at all in keeping in touch. Perhaps my greatest feat was e-mailing my parents on a daily basis during the 3 years I was studying in Southampton, UK. Don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself mummy/daddy's girl in that I am unable of cutting away the apron strings...but its just that our relationship is so great that they are more akin to really close friends than parents. hehehehe...what can i say but that i am blessed to be part of a really happy family.

Also lovely to have received a loooong e-mail from my german ex-housemate, VK, updating me re her life and her family & long-term boyfriend. Had taken advantage of the X-mas -New Year holidays to catch up on correspondence with all my housemates from Southampton - and it is good to be receiving replies. Of course, they have been worried and concerned about the tsunami situation, particularly as my family is in Penang. Have assured them that us Malaysians are a lucky lot to have escaped the wrath of the waves.

My Sri Lankan housemate, CLW, wasn't quite as lucky though. Many of her relatives have lost all their homes and belongings but still have a lot to be thankful for as all were accounted for and alive. Sure that must have caused her and her family (they are residents in the UK) many anxious moments. Thoughts and prayers to all affected victims and God bless all who care to chip in. getting sleepy but HTB is still not back yet. Well...this will suffice for the first entry...till tomorrow....ciao!

PS: maybe should notify VK and CLW about the set-up of this blog. They can access my thoughts and be updated on, hopefully, a more regular basis than via my intermittent (ok, maybe a more accurate word would be "rare" - but at least they are of quality) e-mails.