Friday, January 28, 2005

Am back!

Oh gosh, it feels good to be back on-line. Nope, I didn't head somewhere remote for a lovely holiday away from all worldly concerns (sigh...i wish) - just that the lot of us sharing this broadband connection discovered that the nincompoop entrusted to pay the monthly rental of the internet had failed to do so for the last 5 months!!!!! Erhm...apparently she was busy!

Er busy?? You're a college student!! How damn busy can you be??? Plus she was on semester break and was still hanging around the house for the last few months! And may I add that the Kedai Telekom and post office is about a 3 minute walk away only!!?!!?! Duh!!!! Even if, in the unlikely event that she was really really tied down studying (or resitting failed papers) ....*dies* why bother? much effort could it be to let us know? Reckon we would prefer to walk the extra mile to pay the bill than be left high and dry without *gasp* internet access in the house!!!

Perhaps its because this nincompoop lives in a whole different time zone of her own. Actually, wonder if she still is still enrolled in college? hmmm is it even remotely possible for one to be expelled in a private college?

Probably spends most of her time dying her hair - every rare occasion i see her, it's streaked a different colour - the tragic thing being that it isn't even much for making tasteful hairdressing her living! hmmm considering evicting her. she is such a nightmare tenant....but i think her mum would rather pay me a premium rent than take her in again!!! i mean...seriously, bearing in mind that she is a kl-ite, I see my parents back in Penang more often than she sees hers across town!

Anyways...enuff time wasted on bitching about the nincompoop. Just so glad to be back!


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