Sunday, January 09, 2005

The world of blogging - here I come!

Hello to the world of blogging. Have heard lots about this activity, but have never before felt a strong urge to try it out as I didn't much believe in "revealing myself to strangers at liberty"....but tonight, I feel the longing to communicate.

Seeing that I am home alone at the moment and am feeling a little lazy to get out of the house/ give someone a call, guess it would be a little more comforting for my husband-to-be (HTB) to stumble upon me blogging, than sitting in front of the mirror, rambling to myself. hehehhehe

Yes, it is Saturday night...a night which typically should be spent socialising and partying to the max. However, HTB is out attending a good pal's akad nikah (Malay wedding) ceremony. Was invited too, but seeing that my beloved maternal grandma had just passed away recently, am currently complying to the usual chinese superstition of not attending any weddings in the next 100 days after the death, lest I bring bad luck to the happy newly weds.

It was funny seeing HTB getting dressed out for the akad nikah ceremony tonight. He had bought a lovely silky sandy brown traditional baju melayu, but you could tell tis was his first time donning one coz:
1. he forgot he needed some looped-chained-whatcha-call-it buttons for his top ; and
2. kain samping

So an SOS was sent out to another friend attending the akad nikah too for emergency rental services! much for claiming to understand the culture of other Malaysians, we obviously weren't very in touch with the simple baju melayu set-up were we? ehehehehe...well, at least we try.

Today has generally been a great day. Caught up with an ex- school mate, BP over lunch at the gorgeous roast goose duck rice place in Pudu. Getting there was no hassle as HTB had volunteered generously to brave the traffic...leaving us gals plenty of time to chat and catch up in the car.

Hurrah...what a great way to kick start the new year, by renewing friendship ties. Can't say I am great at all in keeping in touch. Perhaps my greatest feat was e-mailing my parents on a daily basis during the 3 years I was studying in Southampton, UK. Don't get me wrong, I don't consider myself mummy/daddy's girl in that I am unable of cutting away the apron strings...but its just that our relationship is so great that they are more akin to really close friends than parents. hehehehe...what can i say but that i am blessed to be part of a really happy family.

Also lovely to have received a loooong e-mail from my german ex-housemate, VK, updating me re her life and her family & long-term boyfriend. Had taken advantage of the X-mas -New Year holidays to catch up on correspondence with all my housemates from Southampton - and it is good to be receiving replies. Of course, they have been worried and concerned about the tsunami situation, particularly as my family is in Penang. Have assured them that us Malaysians are a lucky lot to have escaped the wrath of the waves.

My Sri Lankan housemate, CLW, wasn't quite as lucky though. Many of her relatives have lost all their homes and belongings but still have a lot to be thankful for as all were accounted for and alive. Sure that must have caused her and her family (they are residents in the UK) many anxious moments. Thoughts and prayers to all affected victims and God bless all who care to chip in. getting sleepy but HTB is still not back yet. Well...this will suffice for the first entry...till tomorrow....ciao!

PS: maybe should notify VK and CLW about the set-up of this blog. They can access my thoughts and be updated on, hopefully, a more regular basis than via my intermittent (ok, maybe a more accurate word would be "rare" - but at least they are of quality) e-mails.


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