Monday, January 10, 2005

Wedding - the most important day in one's life?

Just got back from sumptous dinner and coffee with PC at KLCC and among the girly talk which cropped up was inevitably the update on my wedding preparations (or rather, the lack of)

Haahhahahah...yes, *gasp* shock shock horror not one gal who is particularly fussed on weddings, particularly my own! then...there is the perennial question: how can one be so laid back wrt to the most important day in one's life?

Hmmmm....true i have many friends who have been meticulously planning their wedding since they were nine...and yet, have still not met "THE IDEAL ONE" to share the day with. however, i never could identify with the excitement and fuss on dressing up, decision on the kind of bridal gown i'd like to flaunt myself in, number of bridesmaids i'd like, what type of reception to throw...etc.etc. - all this just totals up to a lump sum of cash splurged for that one-off (well...we're talking about a best case scenario here) occasion!

In fact, if i could have things my own way, i'd get married in a pair of comfy jeans and throw an informal bbq in the evening. my views are unconventional - and as dad bluntly put it a fortnight ago..."abnormal"

Needless to say, HTB has no complaints re my minimal approach. Probably murmurs to himself that i am thankfully a relatively low maintenance chick.

As usual, i digress. Let's refocus:
Is your wedding day the most important day in your life?

I definitely do not think so!!!!!!!!! By gosh I understand the significance of a wedding in society - it symbolises the official union between two individuals who pledge to care and love one another through thick and thin - the founding stone for another branch of the family.

But really, who needs an official pledge? It is more important that I know and that he knows we care deeply for one another, that we are both prepared to share the rest of our lives with one another - our emotions and commitment towards one another need not be publicly announced for endorsement.

More important are the days after the wedding as we continue to cherish and love each other more dearly as the days go by - may the flame of love burn slowly and steadily, its eternal flickers casting light and happiness into our lives in the days to come.

More important will be the birth of our children :- the creation of life and the start of a beautiful journey whereby we are entrusted to guide little Mini-Me-DNA-Juniors to grow up to be good people

It is unfortunate that some people place so much importance on their wedding day and then forget to celebrate their love every single day thereafter.


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