Monday, February 13, 2006

Once upon a time

Individual A & Individual B are scholarship holders - same sponsor, same university qualifications, same academic brilliance, same winning soft skills, same race, same religion - only difference is that Individual A is from a richer family than Individual B

Having completed their studies, both individuals were offered cushy jobs with a prestigious international consultancy firm. The world was their oyster...except that there was this teeny weeny problem called a scholarship bond, which dictated that they were to return to M'sia to serve the sponsor company for the next x number of years, else cough up $XXX,000.

As money was no worry, Individual A broke the bond and took up the offer.

Individual B, on the other hand, kept to the agreement and returned dutifully to commence employment with the sponsor company.

In the next 2 years, both individuals A and B toiled and worked hard - one in a largely academic report-writing consultancy environment, the other in a hands-on commercial environment.

One fine day, sponsor company decides to lure individual A back by offering entry at a higher designation (two ranks above Individual B) and higher pay (twice that earned by the average joe assuming the designation) - nevermind that job requirements veered towards experience in handling operational matters rather than on fantabulous, mind-blowing, orgasmic report-writing skills.

Yeah if there were such a fairy tale come true. Who in the right mind would offer so much premium for an employee who:
- is pretty much still a green horn in a commercial environment
- has proven little loyalty in the past
- has had no proven track records of performance with the company to date

Well...let me assure you, THERE ARE STILL SUCH DIMWITS AROUND.

However, I would strongly advise to steer clear of entities with such idiotic demotivating HR practices - like a teacher of mine used to fondly say with her eyes rolled upwards, "No Future"!


At 12:04 am, Blogger Aurora said...

You're back!

At 6:10 pm, Blogger munsta said...

Yes I am, but no guarantee of regularity though *grin*


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