Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fishy tale

Bro: Dropping off some soup at your place
Me: OK, you've got the keys, let yourself in. Btw, check out my new pets!

***Dang, lousy photo-taking skills....n'mind, here are some better defined pics from the net***

Bro: Why did u buy such cheapo fish. Getlah a Nemo!

Me: Nemo!?!? U think I'm bloody rich?
Bro: Aiya...only RM40 per fish mar!!!
Me: Yeah...then there are the corals, salt water, posh acquarium, alkaline tester etc....
Bro: Huh...salt water?? Oh yeah hoh....


Me: Plus am sure their mortality rate is higher, given the level of care i provide - so it helps that my cost per casualty is now capped at RM1.20. Every time a Nemo dies, its as good as ordering a nice steamed fish for dinner!


At 4:37 pm, Blogger Juan said...

Been some time since I've visited ur blog. I wanna have some fishes too. Have an empty aquarium for some time dee...


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