Monday, December 18, 2006

Fed up

I snapped sometime in the last 2 weeks and have made up my mind - I've had enough and am leaving. Nevermind the bonus, gratuity, increment etc etc etc. In fact, if I could so be the heartless bitch I sometimes aspire to be, I would have just screamed "SOD IT!!!!!!!" and walked out the door, not bothering to turn back ever ever ever. Definitely, definitely the final straw.

After the storm blew over mid-last week, I popped over to ask my boss if I could take Friday off. She was in a good mood and nodded. Then, hesitantly, I asked for a personal favour - could she like be my referee?

Hehehehehe...she was shocked. So were the others whom I confided in that I'd selected her as one of my referees.

PS captured it in a nutshell:" You terror lar!!! Liddat also can?!!?!?" restrospect, I guess it is a little foolhardy. But, but...she is the best person who can vouch for my accomplishments the past 2 years plus she's a person whom I believe is professional, honest and frank - surely she wouldn't sink quite so low as to sabotage my interview!!!!

Thanks to cynical dude's enlightenment "Well..if it's her survival vs yours...which do you think will be paramount?" - ok, ok...I get the message and WILL NOT REPEAT SUCH FALLACY EVER confident job's in the bag...just waiting to receive the offer letter before I throw in my resignation letter.

*rubs hands in glee*

2007 promises to be a very interesting year indeed!


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