Saturday, November 18, 2006

Desktop complaint

"What funny desktop background do you have there?", retorted my boss in disbelief as I minimised my active windows to access a file shortcut saved on the desktop.

Hehehehe...what's wrong with the above backdrop? It's cute and makes me smile when I am stressed!! Anyway, am not even sitting in the open - the only people who can see my desktop are those who sit in/ stand right next to my seat! oh the window cleaners, of course - though am sure they wouldn't give a toss!

Anyway, it's not like there's company policy for sprucing up your own computer at work is there? long as copyright laws are not breached i guess, if you insist on drilling right down to the fine print....

some folks have their kids/ families on their computer desktop, some post their mtv/bollywood/hollywood idols, some opt for breathtaking sceneries whilst there are others who like cute pets. As for me, my little cartoon suits me just fine!


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