Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lost in space

The headline cries: Malaysia's first astronaut to do what no one has ever done before

*drumroll in anticipation of ground breaking disclosure*

to play batu seremban!!??!!!

and to teh-tarik!!??!!


One fleeting glance at the pics above will tell you that these activities heavily rely on Newton's Law.

Maybe, the bright spark who mooted these brilliant Malaysianised ideas did not realise that there is no gravity in space. [Note to boys and girls: This is exactly why it is important that you should pay more attention during your science classes in school]

Did it not occur to him why no-one ever thought of these great ideas first!??! Malaysia Boleh!

Well, he certainly is putting Malaysia on the world map...nevermind if for the wrong reason. Afterall, didn't someone say there's no such thing as bad publicity?

Poor astronaut - after so many trials and tribulations to qualify to be sent to space and finally, to be subjected to such a circus act!?!?

I just cringe in embarassment for that poor sod, I really do.


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