Sunday, November 26, 2006

Short Cut

FIL has been discharged from the hospital but whilst waiting for the bypass scheduled on Dec4, needs to make daily trips (once in the morning, and once in the evening) for some injection which is required to thin his blood and ensure that no evil blood clots lurk in his arteries/veins

Unfortunately, gout has also mysteriously struck, rendering his right foot swollen an angry red and making limping the distance to the Cardio Therosic Ward (CTW) for his shots a very painful exercise indeed.

We've worked out a routine though - hubby shall drop me off at the porch closest to the CTW, wherein I shall dart up 4 flights of stairs to borrow a wheelchair. Leaving my identity card and a friendly wave with the nurse-on-duty, I race the wheelchair down the corridor and take the 0h-so-slow lift 2 floors down. I will then fly down the corridor towards the porch to collect my FIL and perform the above routine in reverse.

Once the injection is administered, I shuttle through the above motions again - this time depositing FIL back into the car before returning the wheelchair and reclaiming my identity card.

Yes - it is a lot of activity to just get a shot...and repeated twice a day, is exercise aplenty for normally sedentary me

However, as hubby and I shall be returning to work for the next week, we had briefed and handed over duties to my brothers-in-law who had arrived back home last Friday.

Last check with both confirmed that FIL was getting his injections as scheduled. However, was told that they made FIL walk to the CTW on his own because "it is good for him plus it is considerably a lot more convenient for us!"


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