Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sod everything!

I am so stressed, deadlines are looming sooooooo near....and so many more things need to get done, information to be fished, figures to be cranked etc.etc.etc....and what do I do today?

I woke up and decided that I just didn't care to get my butt into office today. Moreover, i only managed to reluctantly drag my sorry ass out of bed at 10:30a.m, and even that was just because my bladder was absolutely bursting and I needed to move before i made a mess

Plopped myself in front of the idiot box...flipping channels but not really paying any attention to anything....shutting my eyes and dozing intermittently trying to ward off a headache....

4:30p.m. realisation dawned that i needed to stuff something down my throat if I did not want the now-escalating migrane and sickness in me swell into something more severe - i.e. a full-blown gastric attack. yeah yeah yeah...i would have brought it on to myelf...i know...but well, i just just just couldn't be tossed.

anyways, fear of pain and further discomfort motivated me to take those few paces to the kitchen - opened the cupboards to look for the most fuss free food i could get my hands on: nope no cereal but there was other stuff like good-ol maggi me...but i couldn't get my act together to even want to light a stove.

Ok....foraged my fridge for alternatives....and settled on 2 pieces of toast, a yoghurt and a that wasn't so bad for a meal i guess...the yoghurt must have just bumped it up the health-o-meter *grin*

Another 2 hours of staring into space and i summon enough effort to log on to the Net.

Sigh..oh well, if i choose to be depressed on a is entirely within my rights. Bloody waste of time you say? well, who can be a hyper happy bunny everyday, rite? need a rest.


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