Sunday, November 19, 2006

Comfort me please

I don't cope with stress very well....i tend to bitch and rant, bitch and rant, bitch and rant...but granted that i will be home alone this entire's just no bloody fun bitching and ranting to the four walls!! and no...unless you're married to me, I am not the kind of person who rings up everyone in her phone address book just to share the misery around

I need comfort food:
a) Ice cream - too lazy to pop down to the grocery shop to get some
b) Mashed potato - no potatoes in the house either
c) penne with baked beans and cheese - too much work...boil the pasta, open a tin, grate the cheese...argh!!
d) Celery/ mushroom soup - one step less than above option, still too much work
e) A hot steaming mug of hot chocolate just maybe.

Thank god for laziness, i so don't need the additional calories just doing nothing


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