Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Marketing 101

Can you believe that I was told I did not qualify for a standby seat on an earlier flight, just because the ticket I had held was purchased this afternoon? Nevermind that there are empty seats available? Nevermind that I told them it was an emergency?

Was told that they couldn’t do anything as “it is programmed as such in the system” – hello!?!??!? Are there no exceptions??? You’re not a system are you? Surely your brain is superior to that of artificial intelligence!!??!! Plus, do I look like I will for some reason be a security threat on the 6:10p.m. flight?

“Ahh…we are sorry mam, but if you had purchased your ticket yesterday, things would have been different” – Yeah, if I had purchased my ticket yesterday, it wouldn’t exactly be the emergency I am describing to you now, would it?

Doesn’t make sense as it would not cost them a thing and in reverse would actually earn them quite some goodwill, and perhaps even some extra revenue should a person turn up later desperate for a seat on the flight that I am scheduled on.

Weird public relation skills some firms have – you would have thought they would have trained staff to think on the spot rather than be bound by rigid rules and procedures. But I guess it is a case that when you pay peanuts you get monkeys.


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