Friday, November 24, 2006

Stupid phone calls

Phone Call 1, received at 9a.m.:

Ms Tai-Chi Mistress (TCM): Sorry to call you so early
Me: Its OK - am already at the hospital
TCM: Oh!! You mean condition is that serious eh?


Phone Call 2, received at 11a.m.:

TCM: Are you busy?
Me: Am currently in line to donate blood
TCM: free to do charity
Me: Er...actually, need to replace blood pint-by-pint for FIL's operation


Phone Call 3, received at 1p.m.:

TCM: Does your husband have no siblings who can take over?
Me: We are the closest at short notice.
TCM: That's why you should have brought your in-laws over to KL to stay with you guys
(implicit message: so that i don't need to be saddled with your work!)


oooh...she really needs to brush up her PR skills to mask her insensitivities!


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