Monday, November 20, 2006

Cracking up

Just can’t concentrate at work. Furthermore, things don’t sound good on the phone…have given up and decided that sod work…family comes way before…and I think that this time around, it is important enough as compared to the stupid business plan, which most people around me don’t give a damn anyway.

I spoke to boss after lunch, who after the initial exclamation of “shit” (auto reaction I guess), was quite understanding. Handed over all BP responsibilities to ms tai-chi mistress who promptly exclaimed “Wah…so many things outstanding ar?!!?” to which I shrewdly replied, “Yeah – most things are pending the outcome of your consolidation/ computations >> so it is only appropriate that I hand over to you for you to fill up the blanks!”

Anyways, I feel like I’ve done as much as I possibly can, and staying on in KL won’t really be that useful anyway coz it’s currently at the stage where we play the waiting & test-your- nerves-of steel-game. Stressful and counter productive. But have agreed to be on 24 hour standby for questions, and have even taken with me some stuff which I can work on off-site. Didn’t boss complain that I can’t delegate? Well, time to show off my delegation skills now, I guess.

Sigh, of course I’d rather not be put in this yucky situation which conveniently gives me an excuse “to run away from office for a few days” – fingers crossed, everything will turn out alright. I really fervently hope so.


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