Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Spring cleaning

Having constantly been nagged by mum and bro (he needs additional cupboard space) the last year, have finally FINALLY turned my wardrobe in Penang inside out.

In it i found:

1. T-shirts, shorts and jeans, mainly stuff which I wore in the later secondary school years...still in tip-top wearable condition....er, if only I can still fit into those jeans!!! Man...the quality of clothes back then, though bought for a song comparatively, were far more superior than the made-in-china clones nowadays. And heheheh....really, I used to be quite slim....hahahahah....now that I've gained lots and lots of weight (depressing, though it would be better if I'd actually DO something about it...hahaha), I actually am impressed at my waist size those years ago....
well...the t-shirts were retained and my cousins happily snapped up the rest of the stuff which I can no longer wear

2. My sewing projects from Standards 2-4! Yup....my crooked cross stitches/ blanket stitches/ herring bone stitches on the familar gingham cloths....eheheheh....damn ugly stuff, but am still keeping it for memories sake

3. A box of the stuff I shipped back from England:
- cheery photos of loved ones I brought to England which I blue-tacked all over my bedroom wall to keep me company whenever homesickness struck (admittedly, I was so busy living life there that I really only succumbed to homesickness once a year, when Chinese New Year came around and I had to make the obligatory phone call to family, but with a "fake" cheery voice to cover the tight knot in the back of my throat);
- cards, letters and notes received - the good old days of snail mail and when people did make the effort;
- the cheapo speakers I bought from the East Anglia market for 2 pounds but which served me well throughout my 3 years in Southampton, connected to my walkman whenever I was in my room;
- a candle holder with the Spanish sky line (I think) received from May and Ray;
- a parachuting penguin mobile
...nothing I could bring myself to give-away or throw

4. A diary I attempted to keep when I was in Form 1....ar....embarassing few entries...all about that one and only private topic....argh...closed my eyes and chucked it away.... :)

5. My boxful of trinkets, mostly gifts from friends....not that I wear them, but again...so many wonderful memories therein

6. My numerous school badges accumulated through the years (monitorship/ prefectship/ the Young Enterprise programme/ the school newsletter etc) and my batik-printed prefect's tie

7. A really old watch my grandma gave me which I wore from Standards 3-6...though old, I used to consider it cool coz it was a metal bracelet watch, rather than a normal one with leather/plastic straps....during those days, Swatch/ Esprit styles were out of reach (actually was not even aware of brands) ...well, watch is no longer working, and there are quite a few yellow cracks (?) on the face of the watch....but who knows....it may just pass off as a valuable antique a few more years away! yeah rite!

8. Handkerchiefs!!!! These are really old school...stopped using them ever since we could afford tissue! hahahahah

9. A really cool trinket box from India - gift from my uncle malc....it doesn't open up conventionally....i remember him telling me specifically how to, but it took me a good half an hour to re-figure out how to unlock the carved wooden box.

So in the end....apart from the clothes my cousins inherited...I've spent an entire afternoon re-arranging my cupboard contents....a true hoarder I am *sigh*


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