Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blogging honeymoon

Yes...had 2 weeks off blogging due to the wedding - lack of time as well as internet access. To be honest, it had been such a packed fortnight that it was quite a refreshing change to not have the time to be needy and itching to get onto the Net....which made me wonder if sometimes one may end up documenting life and observations on blogs so much so that one forgets to savour life itself!

Got back to KL....coupled with hectic catching up of work load, sleep and erhm...general laziness ( leave a car idle for 2 weeks, bet it takes time to get the engine up and running)...and oops!! another one and a half weeks totally zipped let's just call that "lost" period my honeymoon from blogging....hahahah

Does not mean that I haven't been reading the regular blogs i frequent (yeah...being a closet busybody....its only natural that this is more addictive for me than actual blogging itself!!), nor does it mean that I've temporarily stopped thinking and observing...have tagged a lot of thoughts and stashed them away into the to-be-blogged-store....just that I've got to rekindle that flame for rambling...starting today...or maybe in the next post!


At 1:42 am, Blogger Aurora said...

welcome back! The honeymoon must have been memorable ;-))


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