Monday, November 07, 2005


My cousin is a budding beauty...unlike me, she's slim, fair and definitely Japanese looking. A little young perhaps, but's been 15 years since I first baby sat her and had her screaming herself much so I almost needed to belt over to the neighbours' for help (the adults were out and those were the times when we could not afford, nor see the need to have handphones)

She's quiet and sensible, but is quite chatty once she warms up....bitching with her about my alma mater (where she's schooling now) can be quite entertaining.

The last week, have noticed that she's been constantly sms-ing....during chor tai ti sessions (my bro's initiative to "educate" the kiddos - youngest being 10 years old - as well as to avoid us older ones (i.e. bro, hubby and I) being stuck playing with matchbox cars only), during meals...heck if she could bring her handphone with her into the shower...she would too!

So....something was up...and I gently prodded - boyfriend? ;)

"No, Cheh....just gossiping with my best friend from school"

Ok....will seek another avenue....her little brother - 2 years her junior but ever so willing to volunteer information on the romantic lives of his sister and himself (to be taken with spoonfuls of salt, sometimes - particularly stories relating to the latter)

Apparently there is an interested party...and as per most teenage romances in's gotta spring from camp, then tuition, then a fervent crush, relentless pursuit...and according to the "reliable" source...the guy can bloody keep banging his head against the wall coz his sister was just not interested. not so sure...and so what does this love-struck romeo look like? ....was duly directed to his friendster page...hahahahaha...he looks er...young!!!!

Anyways...., I figured with the advent of technology...what are the chances of this guy having a blog?? So in my own private time, away from the prying eyes of the younger ones, i googled....and I struck gold!

Lets see, from the few entries I read:
- he's 16 going on 17, from a neighbouring school
- he's into computers
- self-confessed banana who loves chinese songs nevertheless
- his first date with cousin - obviously head over heels at the moment

Sweet really...from a stranger's point of view...but when it concerns your little cousin sister....i cannot help but feel a little protective!?!? hmmm....yikes...i sound soooOOOoo old!!!!

yeah yeah...i've been there too....and I remember what it used to be like...and at that point in time, I admit I did scoff "One's never too young to be involved in a relationship as such - as long as one was mature enough to time manage and handle the emotions...yaddi da di da...."

Hahahha....but now, having been through the ups and downs of relationships...things can get overwhelming, even when you're an adult, let alone a teenager!! Am beginning to comprehend the horrors running through my parents' heads when bro and I were in Forms 4 and 5....although they allege ignorance... i am certain that they knew more than they let on...just like me now.

Like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon, my little cousin is spreading her wings to fly....come joy or pain, I'll be keeping a quiet eye on that blog...just in case.


At 10:21 pm, Blogger Aurora said...

and you're NOT going to casually drop into a conversation with her, "by the way, i came across this interesting blog by this boy ..."

At 7:50 am, Blogger munsta said...

hahahah...tempting but nah.... :)

At 9:32 am, Blogger Juan said...

Sigh.... the dangers of having a blog. ekekekkeke... thanks for the reminder :P Hey Ming, how can I get my hands on your mobile number? Wanna get you out for a meal la. Bryan is not answering his Yahoo these days.


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