Thursday, January 03, 2008


Yeah, I do admit I am a skedyKAt when it comes to driving in a foreign land. Cruising down on the wrong side of the road. Roundabouts which turn anti-clockwise. Impatient drivers who honk you even when you are stopped at traffic lights which are red. My nightmares come true.

I'm home alone as hubby is off for a one-day business trip. So, having still got to turn up at the office tomorrow, hubby suggested,"You should just drive lar, can park at the multi-storey carpark down the block."

Er, thanks but no thanks. Throw narrow ramps and the fact that the car is rented together - I can hear the scratching of metal in my head as the car is engraved with arty-farty lines for all to see. Furthermore, I still don't have a local driving license yet (though people tell me that my current driving license will suffice, I don't trust them).

Have also heard about the traffic fines here. They range in the region of RM'000. So, do you still blame me for opting to take a taxi? Expensive it may be - i.e. RM30 for a 5 minute drive to the office, so RM60 budgeted for a day of travelling to and fro for work - but what to do? I think I am willing to fork out the astronomical sum to buy time for a little more practice on the road before I dare floor the pedal entirely on my own. And practice I need as hubby has hinted that he is scheduled to go away for longer periods for business in mid-January. Shucks.

Anyway, the taxi has been booked to pick me up at 7:45am. No arrangements have been made for the trip back from the office yet. Sigh. Maybe kiam siap me will just take my time and saunter home, if the weather permits.


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