Tuesday, July 31, 2007


For some reason, am not very motivated nowadays. So much for being the new broom which can sweep well, and all that jazz.

1. I loathe office politics, but it is inevitable. I don't initiate nor retaliate, but more oft than not, am still caught in the middle. Wastes a lot of time.

2. I detest fickle bosses. Or worst still, bosses who issue instructions and when you do as told, suddenly have no recollection of having ever told you to do it that way. So away you go, haughtily dismissed and feeling like a totally incompetent nincompoop.

3. Work itself is pretty challenging, so much so, I sometimes wonder what the heck I am doing - not that my boss seems to have any clear idea as well, other than frown at my lousy input (hey, even I am aware of this, ok. some suggestions to improve would be of more help) and declare quality below par.

4. I hate it when people think it is ok to stroll into office at 10:30am when they should have reported for work at 8:30am, and makes it YOUR business to cover their absence for them.

5. I deplore people who, with a wave of the hand, delegates all administrative work/ blame to you just because "I don't know how to do it". It's only my 4th month, but this is your 6th year, at least?

Work has its ups and downs. Just at a low, hopefully, for the time being only.

PS: Am slowly acclimatizing to the idea of leaving Malaysia soon. Thus, there isn't really any need to be overly flustered about the irritations at the current work place. tee hee.

PPS: Never thought I would say this, but I DO miss my ex-boss. Yeah, the one who vomits blood.


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