Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Always Right

I hate working for bosses who think that they are the only ones who can get things right.

It is not my fault that you don't read things properly and jump to conclusions. How can you expect to get things right the first time around, when you do not bother to invest some time to read and understand the background?

The result of which, you tell me that i have totally misunderstood things. That I have wasted my time on non-essential tasks etc etc. And you flick out a piece of paper and start scribbling on it, walking me through what you think is correct.

I squint and my mind races. Isn't what you are reproducing on paper exactly the same as what I have done on powerpoint, for your ease of reference? And when I point it out to you, you tell me that this is only the background and really, i shouldn't have spent so much time on it.

And you ramble on and on. And i follow suit. Every "mistake" you point out, I justify my stand and show you the basis for conclusion. And every time without fail, you shoot me down - either it is not well phrased, or not described properly, or some other flimsy excuse.

I feel disappointed and frustrated. For some reason, you are not reviewing my work fairly and properly. Particularly when the so-called errors or lapses in formatting detected are really supposedly the incorporation of your own feedback and comments arising from the review of the last completed assignment.

This time, you want paragraph 2 on top of paragraph 1, preferring to present the advice in an e-mail instead of a powerpoint enclosure. Nevermind that in the last assignment, you had wanted paragraph 1 on top of paragraph 2 and had preferred powerpoint to e-mail. When you are fickle like that and blame me for not doing the right thing, I am so tempted to blast back, "Well - that was what you wanted the last time. So am just being proactive."

Ok, maybe i phrased that a little more diplomatically. But you always tell me, " You must have heard wrong." or "I never said that". Within the last 3 weeks, I have learnt that it is no point arguing with you when you are in this kind of obstinate mood. I just give in. After all, you are boss, and perhaps, I may not be around this office much longer. So why fight over petty matters.

I have adopted the attitude that I will ask or clarify twice and if you still insist that you are right, I will relent and just do as told - nevermind if I don't agree. What I will not do is send out things which I don't agree in my name. If you want it rephrased or redone your way - of course I can make the amendments as requested, but the final document to the client won't be coming from me. You can send it out instead. If anything turns nasty, I do not want to be blamed. I have highlighted the issues as best as I can but since you think little of the significance, well - let it be then.

You are nice and bubbly as a person, but just sometimes, can be an awful bitch to work with - particularly when you are stressed and unreasonable, refusing to understand simple logic. Sometimes, things are not as complicated as you make it out to be. Sometimes, clients really don't expect the sun and the moon either. so just KISS (Keep It Simple Stewpid).

Today, after making me dance round and round the mulberry bush, and having redrafted the advice twice, no thrice, I compared the final version with my original version. Despite having gotten everything "totally wrong" the first time round, the difference with that in the final copy is merely formatting. What went right? Well, obviously there must have been some value-add in you scribbling my work down on recycled paper, and then transcribing the same stuff into a different file. Exactly the type of service our clients are looking for?



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