Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I hate it. Why should I work for two offices when I am only getting one pay? Why should I have to work for free post my resignation date? I have given you more than ample notice...and yes, no doubt you have helped me in securing this job, but it really doesn't mean i owe you everything.

And i hate it when you tell me "you're smart, you will know what to do" Do you know how condescending that sounds? When you tell problem, can surely do everything as long as you plan it properly...after all there are 4 weekends.

Yeah you realise that banks don't open on weekends. IRB, Puspakom, Immigration etc also does not work on weekends.

It irritates the hell out of me when you continue to say, "Nevermind lar, take time off to do lor". You make it sound so easy...but you're so spoilt that you forget that not everyone works your hours, being flexible and all. In fact, you're in the minority.

Well, I know what is easy - just don't do it all lar.

Simple. Let someone else do the donkey work and tie up loose ends for you. Let's wait for the fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and solve all your woes. Maybe that is why some things are just perpetually left unresolved. What you don't see you let alone if the problems are all in another country altogether.

Too right I am pissed. And rightfully so! Argh!!!!! Fuck it all!!!!!


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