Friday, November 09, 2007

Flirty backfire

Conversation via Facebook:

munsta: it has been a have you been?
JG: Been good. Are you going to Dubai or something? A lil bird told me...
munsta: that is gonna soooo bug me....who is your lil bird?
JG: So are you there or not? Is the rumor even true?!? many small birds... just dunno how reliable.
munsta: let me know who your small birds are and i'll confirm if they are reliable....hehehehe
munsta: pretty please...the suspense is killing me!?!
JG: Well old friend, I guess if you can't confirm something as basic as whether you're relocating... it cant be / shouldnt be all that important (to me). Haha. :=) Have fun letting curiosity kill you.
munsta: hahahah oh well, I am hardy. takes more than curiosity to kill me. no worries :D

Well, obviously JG's last message struck a raw nerve! I was livid. And you know what, he is right. At this point, I don't care if he knows what/ how I am doing.

An end of a friendship, you reckon? Doesn't seem as if there was much of one in the first place. Such a waste of time.


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