Monday, December 31, 2007

Bye 2007, Hello 2008

15 minutes left of 2007. Warrants a quick recap of what has happened this year:
  • I celebrated my first CNY in KL and cooked my first full-fledged reunion dinner
  • I finished serving my scholarship bond - FINALLY
  • I began a new blog to share updates and news with close family - which, to my own amazement, is still very much alive
  • I made a whole bunch of new friends in my new workplace
  • Gramps' health is deteriorating - very heartbreaking
  • Great grandma passed away at the ripe old age of 101
  • Bro proposed!
  • I got in touch with a whole load of friends whom I've not seen/ heard from since my school days - thanks to Facebook
  • I met-up with an online friend, face-to-face
  • I finally got around to applying for my ACCA membership, despite having passed the exams 3 years back!!
  • I moved to the middle east to join hubby

What I hope to achieve in 2008:

  • Learn basic arabic
  • Familarise self with islamic finance and the tax regime in the mid east
  • Work towards a promotion at work
  • Strike a balanced work/ life perspective - leave the office before 7pm max and not to work weekends
  • Eat healthier - stick to fibre and greens regime, rule out sugary drinks, cut down the burgers, fastfood and fatty pork
  • Lose weight - 10kg? maybe more realistic if I can even achieve 5kg!!
  • Use moisturiser/ body lotion for dry skin and face
  • Visit 2 to 3 places I've never been to before
  • Make a conscious effort to plan and get pregnant
  • Build up my close-to-nil savings

Happy New Year to self!


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