Thursday, January 03, 2008


An outstanding athelete, consistently clocking sub-10 seconds for the 100 metre dash is chosen to represent the country at the Beijing Olympics >> does it bother you that the said athelete cannot speak English or solve basic calculus problems?

A think-out-of the box consultant who is a genious at turning flailing companies around >> does it bother you that he is a picky eater and lives on an unhealthy diet of burgers and Coke, widely skirting fruits and vegetables?

A magnanimous socialite who donates much of her personal time helping the needy>> does it bother you that she is unable to hold on to personal relationships for periods exceeding 2 months?

So why does it bother us if a proven capable leader has problems or has committed errors in his personal life? Isn't it just human to err?

Before you jump the gun, I agree that cheating is very definitely, morally (but not legally in the conventional sense) wrong - there is no two ways about it. But the point here is, who are the victims? His wife and family - yes. They have all the right to judge and wail and kick up a ruckus (to put it mildly).

But the rakyat?!?? What does the individual owe you that grants you the right to reserve judgement? Particularly so when the individual's failings have little relevance to his job ability.

In simple language, it is totally none of our business!

Closer scrutiny should be upon others out there who have erred in their job and robbed us taxpayers our hard-earned contributions and/ or our country's resources instead.


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