Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blogging pro

At the "friendly chat" the other day round with my prospective employer, I was requested to spend 30 minutes to write an essay (minimum word count of 300) on one of 5 topics (i.e. leadership, motiviation, aspiration and two more on some not-worth-remembering biz related matters)

For a while, I blanked out and panicked at the curve ball flung in my way. One is not accustomed to essay writing after SPM!!! seriously...as the years go by, we are required to condense and get straight to the point >> concise is good. Bosses have little time to listen, let alone read!

A sweeping glance confirmed that I could probably give a respectable answer to each of the 5 topics in 3 sentences....which would guarantee certain failure in meeting the word count threshold set! Sigh....

So there I was, stranded at a loss as to which topic I should select to my advantage - when I fell back on the most mature and reliable decision-making tool in such a difficult circumstance >> yes, I eeney-meeny-miney-moed and then launched into blogger mode and rambled....on and on and on...no editing, just waffling...there were instances where I could have been so much more economical on effort, ink and paper...but nope, I was plenty generous with fillers all round

And as the allocated time drew to a close, I frantically scribbled down the conclusion and voila....mission accomplished!

300 words? No sweat!

As for quality - well I'll keep my fingers crossed



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