Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Total Bullshit

It sucks when we have to comply to a deadline set in stone, nevermind that what had initially been a tight space of 2-weeks allocated for us to consolidate all work has now been considerably depleted because of delays by others who:
  • should have finished what they were supposed to do 3 whole weeks ago
  • happily tell you that you're to deal with their delays otherwise you should feel free to "shoot" them
  • are not the least threatened by any "repercussions" you press upon them; nor swayed by any pleas to hurry up on grounds of compassion for others (i.e. us!!)
  • are NEVER blamed for any delays in the entire process just because they are not visibly the last guard for compiling and handing over the deliverables

It sucks when said deadline above is brought forward by one week so that some privileged individuals get to schedule a round of golf at their convenience.

It sucks when fickle-minded but powerful persons in the organisation who were entrusted to approve key items core to the entire process all the way back in September oh-so-conveniently "change" their minds 1 week from our new deadline, resulting in whatever few submissions we've painstakingly coaxed (or rather begged for in the last week) useless and requiring rework...nevermind the bridges we shall burn when relaying the "wonderful" news to the persons-in-charge!

It sucks when you are expected to perform wonders in mere minutes using limited and flawed information available >> haven't you guys heard of the simple concept of garbage in, garbage out?

It sucks when you know this happens every single year without fail and yet matters never seem to improve and on the contrary, expectations seem to sky-rocket and our emotional health deteriorates drastically during the last few months of the year...not that anyone gives a damn

And it sucks MAJOR when told simply that we cannot whinge because we are "born into this"

I so seriously don't need to put up with this fucking bullshit.


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