Sunday, February 13, 2005

Half baked ideas

Another absence from blogging due to the hectic chinese new year schedule....which to me, reveals the reasons why I blog:
1. To relieve boredom; and
2. Coz have too much time in my hands

Today, I find the third....I blog when i need to bitch about something...and this time around .....tada!!!!

wedding blues

- tis my wedding ceremony plans !!!!

Have always heard that weddings are stressful...but gawd...that's because ppl have so many ideals....for me, i just want the ceremony to be over in a snap....puhleez.....but guess both mum and mum-in-law are not letting it be! every other day...there's a new twist to the've got to do this, do that, buy this, buy would think that they are the ones getting married and not me and poor hubby

if they do know what they ultimately want..then, that's not too bad....unfortunately, its toughest when you've got half-baked ideas....i.e. you vaguely know it, but you have no clue of the specifics and decide to make it up as you go along....oh which by the way, also entitles you to change your darn mind whenever you feel like it.

jeez...pls...just let me be a puppet...i do not want to think...coz after all...i do not want the, history documents that my opinons are always over-ridden why bother wasting time...let's cut the chase, i'll bite my tongue and do what needs to be done so that i can finally, get on with life!

have told all parties to think thoroughly.....really really thoroughly of what they want, let me know....and i'll just do it... sigh...who said that a girl's wedding is the happiest day of her life...doesn't seem to apply in my case.


At 8:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u lazy panda bear la ...that's why...muahahah


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