Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mission X(mas)

We racked our brains and strategised, where would be able to get our hands on this particular sought-after entertainment box at 7p.m. on Christmas Day?

Mentally listing down the usual suspects in Kuching, we made a bee-line for the most likely of places (or so we thought) – i.e. the newest, hippest, most KL-like shopping mall in Kuching city centre – Tun Jugah Complex. No such luck – targeted shop was closed as the owner probably figured that Kuching’s classy elite were not in the habit of last-minute haphazard frazzled X-mas pressie-shopping.

So, across to Sarawak Plaza we trekked. Scanning floor after floor, we were very surprised that we could not locate a single shop which offered IT entertainment consoles!

Almost popped over to the Riverside Plaza but partner-in-crime veto-ed said idea as he was very sure we had not strolled across such an outlet whilst we were killing time in the mall before the movie screening we had attended the evening before.

Hmmm….a quick regroup was in order, the result of which, we unanimously agreed that the next best shot was closer to home at Saberkas. Ground floor, nope….1st floor, zilch…2nd floor, ah…a shop looked promising. Oh yes, they did stock the more technologically advanced Sony PSP but that was way above our budget and probably a little too complex/ complicated for our gift recipient. When we told the salesperson that we were actually looking for its cheaper and more obsolete cousin, I thought I fleetingly detected from the corner of my eye, neighbouring discerning browsers (young in age as they were) turn up their noses and frown in distaste at our choice of gift.

I supposed the two of us must have looked pretty desperate, disconsolate and ridden with guilt, so much so the salesperson obligingly offered, “If you want to make it for Christmas, maybe it is worth trying at either Satok or Hopoh – though am unsure whether they’re still open now”

Quick check confirmed that the hands of the clock were indicating a quarter past eight. Still ages before the witching hour but by Kuching standards, time for businesses to start winding down for the day, I guess.

Not a team to give up easily, we sprinted back to our car and F1-ed our way towards the city centre again. Our efforts were rewarded and we went home grinning ear-to-ear like a pair of Cheshire cats which had just caught a whole basketful of fat trout.

Ta-da…behold the baby we got:

More importantly, FIL was plenty pleased with his new toy.


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