Friday, December 22, 2006


"I am very very disappointed......have you lost your senses?'re poised for much more.....not thinking straight....throwing away a bright and promising career in this Group...I have always thought that you're capable of much more"

The words stung and very much reminded me about a similar situation more than a decade ago when I was summoned by the school counsellor for being a recalcitrant - insistent on switching to the Arts Stream, despite my grades qualifying me for enrolment in 4 Science 1. Furthermore, I was somehow also deemed responsible for "swaying" half of my Form 3/1 classmates in "boycotting" the Science stream, nevermind that each of us had made up our minds independently over the PMR break.

I remember the counsellor issuing us this final dire warning, "We'll see how long you'll last in the Arts Stream", and whether it was achieved merely out of spite or not, last the two years we did...and very well too. It was a satisfying final year in secondary school when we swept all awards for the core subjects in SPM and Additional Maths - leaving the teachers aghast at the "dismal performance" of the Science girls.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it's tough being blessed with some brains - people expect much much more. Thankfully, my husband, family and friends understand me a whole lot better and are always supportive in what I choose to do.

As I told my CFO, "I really respect you and boss for all that you do, but truth be told - I am not envious of your positions, nor do I have ambitions to be you."

"Think about it over the break and we shall chat again after the New Year"

Beyond the point of no return, I have already reminded myself that there is more to life than scaling the corporate ladder.


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