Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another broken green bottle

A fellow manager confided that she is also mulling on resigning and moving off to greener pastures. Oh no!! What have I started? Isn’t it queer how it sometimes only takes one person to throw in the towel, for the rest of the pack to follow suit in quick succession?

Could it be herd mentality? But who was I to advise another against a move which I myself had initiated?

Sure - no one employee is indispensable but when most of your work horses rebel and break free at one go, the breaking-down of the carriage is inevitable.

As much as I am sympathetic towards the rough seas ahead, I must steel my heart and remind myself that this is not my problem – nor should I feel responsible or guilty on these unfortunately timed developments.

Can only hope that the company is able to recruit others who are willing and able to fill up the vacancies quickly.


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