Monday, December 25, 2006


MZ called to ask for a favour, “Che-che, can you please buy me half a dozen peppery stuff – it’s black and white with cats on top”

“Huh?? What is it again?”

“There…those peppery stuff ar – it’s black and white and got cats on top”

Hmmm…ok, I figured I wasn’t going to wheedle much more information than that even if I were to ask for another 100 times after, so I just hoped things would “click” when I saw an item fitting this, erhm, specific description.

Last try, “Where did you see these – which shops?”

“Aiya…they are everywhere in Kuching! K, bye and thanx!!”

And I thought I made more sense when I was fifteen going on sixteen. Anyway, treasure hunting we will go!


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