Sunday, November 05, 2006

Life isn't fair

Why is it that it is absolutely compulsory for me to tell you everything about the significant details of my life and yet, not vice versa.

* yeah...but you're in KL and there's nothing you can do about it except worry.*

But I'd still like to be in the know and not find out when it is an after-the-fact incident which you accidentally let slip when you gloat of your "amazing recovery" over the last couple of days. Or when I chance to speak to who-doesn't-know-what-I- don't-know-Gramps instead of either of you on the phone.

After all, I obviously would not be able to do anything about something I don't know, would I? *duh*

Instruction to bro: Please keep me updated about going-ons at home, regardless of the impression that mum/dad are on the phone with me 24/7 anyways.

Since when was it custom to recruit siblings as special agents!!??!



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