Sunday, November 05, 2006

Chill pill

This article had me nodding intermittently in full agreement.

Having worked at various companies in Selangor-KL, I have a theory that the number of working hours an employee puts in has a strong negative co-relation with the distance of his/her office from the epicentre of the Central Business Unit of KL.

My first job was in a company located right smack within a 5-minute walk from KLCC. Most employees worked diligently throughout the day in attempts to meet ludicrous deadlines set by bosses who unfortunately have no clue as to what it takes for completion of a task and instead assumes wonders can be achieved with a wave of the magic wand - tsk tsk...impressionable individuals who have probably been unwittingly disillusionised whilst watching too many re-runs of Cinderella with the little princesses at home - come on, deep within us, we all know that Disney cartoons are the evil root of rosy hallucinations of how the ugly real world ticks - you didn't think that "living happily ever after" just happens without you having to exert any energy whatsoever, did ya? (and no, yelling at the top of your lungs for a job to be be done only contributes further to noise pollution and does not count as energy exertion in this instance)

An example of how painful it can get sometimes when you report to a manager who merely "manages" but does not have the pre-requisite knowledge to even be aware of the work, time and effort sometimes required for a job, is as such:

Boss: Can you work out the Group's projected cash flows for the next 30 years?
Employee: OK - will try to revert to you by end of the week/ early next week
Boss: No can do - I need the figures urgently for my meeting with PM in an hour
Employee: But...that's impossible!
Boss: What's so difficult - it's only 30 numbers fitted on one line - just use the projections you made for Company A for the same period

Sigh....rant to be continued


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