Thursday, November 17, 2005


I procrastinate...but hell, I've met my match today. The queen of procrastination works in a government department from which, I require confirmation/finalisation.

The last piece of information I had submitted to her was sometime end of July 2005. Since then, have followed-up on status almost 2 weeks once.

Lets see the excuse of the month thrown my way:

August 2005: Hold on, I have a lot of other cases in my hands

September 2005: Wait, am busy preparing for the Malaysian Budget 2006 scheduled at month end

October 2005: Please call back after Raya (Note, there seems to be a lack of effort in even coming up with an acceptable excuse)

November 2005: ***still on Raya leave to date***

and my prediction for the next 3 months to come:

December 2005: Its Christmas and the New Year soon

January 2006: Wait...there's also Hari Raya Qurban, Chinese New Year and Awal Muharram....oh and did we forget Thaipusam?

February 2006: Federal Territory the way, February is a short month....

Oh man....status quo for 7 whole months?!?!? And you tell me she draws a monthly salary?!? Sigh...maybe I should apply for a job where she works too...yeah rite, doubt my conscience would let me lead the happy carefree life the queen of procrastination currently relishes in.


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