Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday blues

My car is sick....treating it is gonna set me back by RM2,600 ....and it'll take one entire week, at least, for the major overhaul to be completed!!!


I was sick this morning - feeling floaty and nauseous...I almost blacked out in the crowded lrt. Mustering all my might, managed to clumsily exit at Abdullah Hukum and stagger to the nearest concrete seat, where I put my head between my legs and took large gulps of breath.

Must have been a sight, but apparently, it did not bother the many lrt commuters around for they had more important things to do, such as checking their watches and looking out for the next train to work.

My entire body was cold and clammy and I was positively drenched in cold sweat...several lrt trains came and went...i was seated for a good 20 minutes before things stopped swimming. Steadied myself and still managed to make it to work on the dot.

The remedy for my sudden unexplained illness was a lot cheaper than that for my car....tonnes of sugar and milo at my company's expense! :)

Sigh, lousy start to the week can only mean that things will get better hereon!


At 10:09 pm, Blogger Aurora said...

I don't mean to sound bigoted, but i felt really indignant reading about the people's reaction - or rather, lack of reaction. If you were in Melbourne, for instance, people would soliticiously ask "Are you all right dearie?" in a jiffy.

Sorry for ranting on your blog :(

At 11:04 pm, Blogger munsta said...

thanks for your sympathies....i guess if i actually had verbalised a weak plea for help...somebody would have stepped up alright....just a very m'sian mentality to mind your own business till something really bad happens...e.g. maybe if someone goes into fits and starts frothing at will be a different story altogether

At 8:52 am, Anonymous yvy said...

hhmm....*starts to think smart becoz watched too many tv series & have become quack doc*

**makes a move to feel pulse on wrist & sribbles**

just married....feeling floaty and nauseous.....almost blacked out....entire body was cold and clammy = pregnant??? =P

ps. if someone goes into fits & starts frothing, then ppl will crowd around n WATCH the free show n do NOTHING.

At 12:28 pm, Blogger munsta said...

getting preggie?? heheheh...that's the conclusion everyone jumps too....just shows how many couch potatoes there are out there...hehehe...but very sure that's not it... ;)

boring as it is, it was the onset of gastric...for some reason, my body decided that i wasn't feeding it enough :)

At 8:43 am, Anonymous yvy said...


n here i thot i had watched enough series to get my 'biz' started. lol =P nice wonder u're on bunny's list. :)

u wont see the last of me. :D


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