Sunday, September 11, 2005

Living Skills

It was a subject I hated in school....why? coz I was never good with my hands...

In carpentry classes, I was the girl who ended up with crookedly sawn pieces of wood;
In sewing classes, I was the girl producing clumsy, mutated feather and herringbone stitches
In cooking classes, I would count myself lucky if I hadn't caused a fire....

so get the drift.

As such, I did something totally out of the blue today!! I actually managed to put together a DIY computer table all on my own!

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!
aiks...lousy phone camera....*grin*

What's best is that the blokes around the house had given up on the table for good, citing "cheapo Carrefoure stuff", "lousy instructions", "too damn complicated" and "probably incorrect parts"

So home alone, with nothing better to do this afternoon (OK, so I was supposed to be doing some office work I'd reluctantly brought home yesterday....but I just couldn't bring myself to open the bag), I thought...why not give it a shot!

And the looks of surprise when bro and hubby got back....definitely worth every ounce of time and effort spent! skills lessons to thank for? :)


At 8:40 pm, Blogger Aurora said...

Welcome to the Klutz Kelab :D


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