Saturday, September 10, 2005


Situation 1

Revising the company's tax estimate to ensure that there will be no underestimation penalty when final tax is filed. Tax instalment payments for remainder of the year to be increased accordingly.

Gen. Mg: Why only a RM2 million buffer? That is way too risky...we need to at least safeguard ourselves with RM5 million.

duly revised estimate to incorporate Gen. Mg's comment and reverted in 3 minutes for her final approval prior to forwarding to Director for signature...

Gen. Mg: Why the additional RM5 million of tax estimated? You think money grows on trees?


Situation 2

Gen. Mg: What is happening to the tax refund of Co A - long outstanding liao, still no news from IRB
Me: Have followed-up with personnel-in-charge in Co A numerous times - was informed that IRB could not process refund since Co A does not currently have a bank account...have advised them that they either obtain BOD approval to open a bank account; or to request BOD approval to instruct IRB to refund the tax credits via Co B - besides e-mails and phone calls, have also written memos too but to no avail
Gen. Mg: You guys are not doing the right thing to keep things moving
Sen. Mg: Yeah...that's why I suggest we prepare the BOD circular on their behalf and wrap things up.
Gen. Mg: That's not right too!!!! We shouldn't be taking on their work....totally unacceptable


Gen. Mg: Follow-up with another memo


Situation 3

Gen. Mg: Tax estimate for Co C is OK, but is this particular liability on the balance sheet merely an accounting error?

am blur as am not in charge of the preparation of the accounts....only responsible for preparation of provisional tax computations based on projections forwarded by relevant personnel-in-charge....but nevermind, i figured i needed to buy time

Me: Am not sure, will check it out and get back to you on the matter
Gen. Mg: Why should you check it out?
Me: er...coz you asked?
Gen. Mg: but that's not your job!!!!
Me: er....ok......
Gen Mg: Go find out and let me know


Situation 4

Gen. Mg: Compile all required information for the legal due diligence on Monday. We need to revert to the Legal & Secretarial Department by 4p.m. today

shucks!!! tedious and lengthy list of items.....deadline at 4p.m. today, and you're telling me this 3 hours prior to think my tax agent and i are miracle workers?

Me: OK...will work on it now

at 3:45 p.m., approach Gen Mg. with documents and cover memo to Legal & Secretarial for her review and signature

Gen. Mg: OK - just leave it in my in-tray, am busy...think it can wait, its not so urgent after all


Morale of the above:

1) If you're senior management, make up your bloody mind before you issue instructions/ reprimand/scream at subordinates
2) If you're a subordinate - patience is a virtue, and sometimes, its just normal to be confused

and yes...i did have a bad day at work!


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