Friday, August 26, 2005


Despite my attempt to delicately hint to mum that I had better things to do in KL this weekend, my conscience did not allow me to worm my way out of keeping my word to her. Dad's insistence that I come home this weekend further niggled me - as far as the nightly phone calls reflect, all was well in Penang...but I guess mum and dad are worried about me spending my weekend all alone in KL as hubby is away on a business trip again.

So this evening, I was due to head to KL Sentral after work to hop on the ERL and catch my flight back to Penang at KLIA. not loaded with $$ but it is just that AirAsia is the only alternative in which I could definitely guarantee myself a ticket to the North without having to personally collect the ticket physically prior to departure date...yes, have been that tied up the entire thank God for the internet and ticketless travelling

With the astronomical car parking charges at KL Sentral, little wise me had a brilliant idea: why not catch a taxi? after all, the station was hardly a 10 minute drive away from my office

And so I clocked out on the dot this evening, hand clutching bag...stood at the bus stop outside my office premises and tried my luck. It was the peak hour...and there were plenty of taxis coming my way..most of which, unfortunately, were already occupied.

After a little while, Taxi 1 stopped. Heaving a sigh of relief, I opened the passenger door and plonked my bag beside me

Me : KL Sentral please
Driver 1 (rude snap): Oh wrong way
Me: Excuse me?
Driver 1 : Going there no problem but I'll go through hell coming back due to the jam. No deal.

I got out of the car in a huff, feeling a little miffed and indignant...did cabbies have the right to dictate such terms? Anyway, no time to waste dwelling on such matters..I had a plane to catch.

Shortly after, Taxi 2 drew to a halt at the bus stop. Having just encountered the negativity of Driver 1, I exercised a little more caution this time around. Peering through the half-wound down window, I was about to enquire whether Taxi 2 was willing to drop me at my destination, when Driver 2 beat me to it:

Driver 2: Am going to Klang to pick up a booked client at 6:30pm. Is your destination on the way? If yes, can give you a lift


Me (pushing my luck) : Well, am heading to KL Sentral which is just around the corner..
Driver 2 (apologetically) : Sorry mdm, I wish I could but I wouldn't be able to keep the 6:30 appointment then
Me (reluctantly): No worries then... thanks least Driver 2 was honest and polite.

I tried my luck again, flagging taxi after taxi. Just when I was on the brink of resigning to the last resort of having to drive and park my car in KL Sentral after all, Driver 3 honked.

Me (a little dejected after my 2 failed attempts): KL Sentral?
Driver 3: OK

Wow! Way stunned that that was so easy peasy!!

So did manage to catch the ERL and checked myself into the flight just in the nick of time. Looking back, things could have been a lot worse - I could so have been flagging taxi after taxi in the pouring rain!


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