Thursday, August 25, 2005


Food for thought:

  • Is flirting bad?
  • Is there reason for the loyalties of attached individuals who flirt with others be questioned?
Well...I suppose it depends on the definition of flirting. Some view flirting as a ritual only to be practised in the wooing game, others are of the opinion that flirting is done to seduce others into doing your bidding (whether it is to reduce the price of goods sold during a bargaining session...erhm...many girls are guilty of employing this tactic, whether done consciously or not; or for some, a means to a hopefully "cosy" evening in)

Personally, I prefer to regard flirting as a means of friendly communication with someone you're attracted to. And, with the sea of different people in the world...I guess it would be an outright lie to say that the only person you find attractive would be that sole partner in life. He/ She may be the most attractive....but seriously, once attached, it seems a little unfair to start restricting our friendships to exclude people of the opposite gender whom we'd like to get to know better. Life then would be a tad sad, I'd say.

I reckon flirting can be fun and "safe" as long as both sides are well aware of each other's circumstances. For those attached, I guess a little maturity and caution is needed plus due respect given to the other-halves coz undeniably, flirting is still very much a touchy issue which is potentially dangerous when not handled with care.


At 9:07 am, Blogger Aurora said...

So what's hubby-to-be's take on you flirting? :)

At 9:33 am, Blogger munsta said...

Guess we'll have to wait for his comments on my blog! hahahahahaha

But I know what's my take on him flirting...ahhahahaha...and boy can I raise hell when I "sense" its getting overboard.

Admittedly its a really fine line....I do try hard not to practise double standards, plus its pretty condescending to make statements such as "I am entitled to flirt coz I am matured enough to contain it, whereas you can't because you'll potentially spiral out of control!"

But guess it ultimately boils down to the issue of open communications, trust and respect for each other (read: time to stop/ tone down flirting with particular individual if your other half starts feeling threatened)


To be honest, I think most people do flirt quite regularly...not always with the intention of developing a romantic/serious/sexual relationship of sorts, but more so because (I think) flirting makes you feel good about yourself - strictly my opinion on the matter...others may beg to differ.

At 9:51 am, Blogger Juan said...

Flirtings are fine - but when not handled with care, once get emotionally attached, that's when the trouble starts. Certainly is a very very fine line.... >:(


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