Wednesday, November 01, 2006


5 months later and I am still tied to my current job. The lady is still here - but supposedly not for much longer as her postponed transfer is scheduled to be effective 1 Jan 2007 (we shall see!). move or not to move...indecision still despite having 2 tempting job offers dangled in front of me:

->> pros:
- better mobility in event I need to move between countries
- will look good on my CV
- promotion prospects less likely to be hampered by non-meritocracy based considerations(or so I believe)
- job scope will be very much skewed towards a niche which I (currently still) like
- more efficient colleagues

->> cons:
- longer working hours
- potentially immersed in kiasu environment
(yeah, yeah...i know - no pain, no gain)

So....I do what i do best - procrastinate - again! After all, damned if i have to repay a single cent of my stewpid bond

Also worth mulling over are 2 interesting options suggested by well-meaning acquaintences in the last couple of days:
>> emcee-ing
>> training consultant
Huh?? I can also qualify for jobs like that meh?
Sometimes, I wonder why I can't have the same confidence others have in me - just close my eyes and do it! Must be the damn accountant in me - risk taker am not!

Of course there is that golden job which I've been applying for numerous times and yet, have been rejected again and again. According to prospective employer, he can't afford to pay me the salary I demand to keep me at home :(


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