Friday, December 16, 2005

Shopping frenzy

Cynical me never really believed in freebies....there is no such thing as a free lunch....but with the active buzz round AirAsia's, latest 4th anniversary promotion (my, my...has it been around for 4 years already??)....and having nothing to do one evening, i somehow ended up at its website - tempting advert above staring straight into my why not click and check out if the above were really true? with nothing to lose and time to kill, i clicked...

30 minutes later, I was RM1,000 poorer, attributable to airport tax incurred as a result of purchasing:

  • 2 KL-Kuching return tickets for hubby and I in April 06
  • 1 KL-Kuching single ticket for my father-in-law in April 06
  • 2 KL-Bangkok return tickets for hubby and I in August 06 (in fact, this was for Merdeka weekend - a public holiday...woot!!)
  • 2 KL-Macau return tickets for mum and dad in September 06 (apt retirement gift, I suppose)
  • 3 KL-Kota Kinabalu return tickets for mum, dad and grandpa in October 06

Bargain right!??!!?!!

Was so hyped up the entire night and when I told mum and grandpa about the holiday plans made on their behalf for Sept - Oct 2006, they were so excited that they started ringing the KK hotels that very night to check on availability!! hahahahahahah

Anyways, its an early Christmas this year and a great headstart for 2006

And for the incumbent, to choose to announce its "inevitable" hike on ticket prices , just one week after the underdog has put on offer so many free seats...hahahaha...truly a screaming marketing/ public relations fiasco if there ever was one. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, I suppose


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